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Gold Nanoparticles


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Citric acid Gold Nanoparticles 

Tannic Acid Gold Nanoparticles 

CTAB Gold Nanoparticles     

Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles

Reactant Free Gold Nanoparticles

Dodecanethiol Gold Nanoparticles

Biotin Gold Nanoparticles

Protein A Gold Nanoparticles

Protein G Gold Nanoparticles

Transferrin Gold Nanoparticles

Streptavidin Gold Nanoparticles

Antibody Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles

Silver NanoparticlesGold Nanorods

Gold NanoUrchins

Maleimide Gold NanoUrchins

NHS Gold NanoUrchins

Carboxyl Gold NanoUrchins

Methy Gold NanoUrchins


Special Shape Nanoparticles

Antibody Conjugated Gold NanoUrchins

Streptavidin Gold NanoUrchins

Protein A Gold NanoUrchins

Protein G Gold NanoUrchins

Transferrin Gold NanoUrchins

Biotin Gold NanoUrchins


Fluorescent labeled Gold Nanoparticles


PEG Gold Nanoparticles   

Carboxyl Gold Nanoparticles

Amino Gold Nanoparticles 

Methyl Gold Nanoparticles

PVP Gold Nanoparticles   

Oil Gold Nanoparticles 

PEI Gold Nanoparticles

CHOL Gold Nanoparticles

Stearic acid Gold Nanoparticles

DSPE Gold Nanoparticles

Glucose Gold Nanoparticles

Dextran Gold Nanoparticles

Azide Gold Nanoparticles

HONH2·HCl Gold Nanoparticles

Silla coated Gold Nanoparticles    

PS coated Gold Nanoparticles 

Silver coated Gold Nanoparticles 

Gold Coated Magnetic Particles


NHS Gold Nanoparticles Conjugation Kit

Maleimide Gold Nanoparticles Conjugation Kit

Oligo Gold Nanoparticles Conjugation Kit

 Choose product by application using gold nanoparticle selection guide or contact our sales.

Gold Nanoparticle Selection Guide.pdf

Gold Nanoparticles Recommendation.pdf

Gold Nanoparticles Optical Properties.pdf


ABZ-50      Gold Nanostars, 50nm 

ABZ-4-50   Gold Nanoshell, 50nm 

ABZ-11-55 Gold Nanocubes, 55 nm

Tian Z, Haohan S, Liyun D, et al. Single-Particle Catalytic Analysis by a Photon Burst Counting Technique Combined with a Microfluidic Chip[J]. Analytical chemistry, 2021.

ABZW-1-50, Gold Nanoparticles, 50 nmXin Li, Fei Wang, Xue Wang, et al. Plasmonic-photonic hybrid configuration on optical fiber tip:Toward low-cost and miniaturized biosensing probe[J]. Sensors & Actuators:B.Chemical, 2022. ()
ABNW-9-980 Gold Nanorods, 9 nm, 980±10 nm杨茜茹,沈朝,张春晓,张承虎.太阳能光热转化中金纳米棒流体光学特性的实验研究[J].西安建筑科技大学学报(自然科学版),2021,53(06):791-796.DOI:10.15986/j.1006-7930.2021.06.001.
ABNW-9-980 Gold Nanorods, 9 nm, 980±10 nm杨茜茹. 基于纳米棒流体的直接吸收式太阳能集热器的性能研究[D].哈尔滨工业大学,2021.DOI:10.27061/d.cnki.ghgdu.2021.003648.
ABZW-12-60 Silver Nanoparticles,  60 nmWu J, Cai J, Fan Y, Zhang Y, Fang H, Yan S. Effective Enrichment of Plasmonic Hotspots for SERS by Spinning Droplets on a Slippery Concave Dome Array. Biosensors (Basel). 2022
ABL-1-71 Aldehyde/Sulfate Latex Beads周思思. 基于外泌体的肿瘤诊断与药物递送研究[D].东南大学,2021.DOI:10.27014/d.cnki.gdnau.2021.000011.

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